Surrey School Acol.bss Surrey School Acol.bss
Size : 65.348 Kb
Type : bss
Surrey School Convention Card 2015.pdf Surrey School Convention Card 2015.pdf
Size : 591.756 Kb
Type : pdf
New Partner Questions.doc New Partner Questions.doc
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This site contains links and resources for students of Surrey School of Bridge.  

Please click here for if you are interested in lessons.

The convention card is opposite in readily printable pdf form.

Bridge Base Tuition File

Once you have a bridgebase account you can load the file "Surrey School Acol.bss" into the system so that hovering on each bid gives you a description.  Also your partner and the opponents will get a description of most common bids.  This is a great tool for learning the bidding system.

Download the bridge base program here

Download the Surrey School Acol.bss file opposite by clicking on it (it should be put in your downloads folder).

Run the program from your desktop shortcut and log in.

Click the "Conv." button at the bottom of the program main window.

From the menu that pops up choose  "Work Convention Card"

Then click "Manage Conventions" and then click "Look For Other Conventions".

In the file choosing window that pops up choose the bss file that you downloaded.

This will load it up, then click "Use".

Now close the windows program and go to the web site to log in.  From the menu choose "My BBO" then "Convention Cards" you should see the card you have loaded listed.  Choose edit and then enter your partner's user name in the partner box and then save.  The card will then work for your partnership.  You can change the partner and save the card to use with multiple partners.